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What is (Zoom) Global Platform?

Arab American University always seeks to keep up with the development and modernity of the world, as the university always provides quality and new programs, in addition to the plans that AAUP put to merge the new techniques and modern digital programs with its teaching system. AAUP also has a good risk management plan to support its lectures and enhance online communication between teachers and students to maintain a good, interactive, flexible and continuing educational environment despite time, place and the hard emergency situations that the country and the entire world is facing.

Therefore, Arab American University had subscribed to the Zoom Cloud Meetings global platform for video and audio communication that millions of people around the world are currently using to make high quality video calls "audio and video". One of communicated parties starts an electronic room and can host up to 300 other communicators and then the main party will have all powers within this room and can participate with others interactively just like normal lectures.

Features for AAUP鈥檚 subscription on the ZOOM Platform

  1. Devices and Operating Systems: the platform is active for all devices that work with (Windows) or (Linux) and all (IOS) or (Android) smartphones.
  2. High speed Connection: this is a high quality platform for connecting with the network, even if the connection with the internet network is weak.
  3. Electronic Rooms and Organization: There are audio only rooms, and other audio and video rooms. Rooms can be organized according to the lecturer and what he/she consider is best for the lecture. The name of any speaker appears on the platform window to avoid any voice mixing.
  4. Number of the participants, Number of Lecturers and Duration:
    • Up to 300 students can be allowed in lectures in an organized way.
    • Unlimited number of meetings and lectures for unlimited time.
  5. Space for Saving Lectures on ZOOM Cloud or Recording it:
    • Each lecturer has a space of 12 GB on ZOOM Cloud each month, and so he/she can record 120 lectures of 60 minutes each. After recording, lecturers can share the cloud with students who attended.
    • Lecturers can also save and download the lecture on (one drive) or on their Computer or PCs and then share it with students on (Moodle).
  6. Chats: this platform enables participants to chat (one-to-one) with each other during the lecture or in a group chat to discuss things or to do some group educational activities.
  7. Sharing the Screen:听 ZOOM enables sharing the screen of the lecturer or the student鈥檚 screen with all audience, to display videos or photos or PowerPoint files or even work papers.
  8. White Board: This board can be used to draw or write on it and then sharing it with others.
  9. Scheduling Lectures or Sessions: Lecturers can schedule lectures through pre-recording them then determine a time to displaying it and the students to share it with.
  10. Privacy and Security to Lectures and Meetings: ZOOM provides a possibility to fully encrypt all lectures or meetings, and use a password for entering it.

How to Register and Use ZOOM Application

To Download Zoom on Your Smart Phones

To Download Zoom on Your Personal Computers