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Success Stories

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Sabri Sbaih Head of Facilities Management department at Nakheel real-estate Company

He graduated from the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Science in Management Information Systems. He went immediately after graduating to the United...

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Mr. Salah Abu Al-Hasan聽Director of Business and Products development department at The National Bank 鈥淭NB鈥

Graduated in 2005 from the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences majoring...

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Dr. Shireen Al Mahanieh

works as a dentist at the Arab American University .. and the first Palestinian dentist got a Palestinian board degree in orthodontics from a highly specialized program in Palestine.

She finished her high...

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Mr. Tareq Sawafta Manager of Jordan Ahli Bank head quarter, Ramallah

Tareq Ziad Sawafta Busniss Administration graduated from Arab American University Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences in 2004.

Dr. Thabat Al-Khatib works as a researcher in Applied Neuroscience at the University of Aberdeen 鈥 Faculty of Medicine, she graduated high school from Arab American school in Jenin 2009 with a rate of 98%.


Dr. Ziad Moshref Mostafa Abu Khaizran Director of the fetuses鈥 lab at Razan Center for Infertility 鈥 Bethlehem Branch

Ziad Abu Khaizran graduated from the Arab American University in 2003-2004 from the Professional Diploma program in...

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