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Dr. Asem Salah .. Research Professor and tutor at University of Putra, Malaysia.聽

Asem Ahmad Salah graduated from AAUP with a Communication Technology degree in 2005. At the same year, he started working for the UNDP as Head of Information Technology Unit in Sharek youth center at Kafr Dan 鈥 Jenin. A year later he had a second job as Information Technology teacher for 2 years.

He got the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education鈥檚 scholarship to finish his Networks and Communications Engineering master degree at University of Putra Malaysia. He graduated with Honors which got him a PhD scholarship at the same university.

In 2012, he registered a patent. And in 2015, he got his PhD and published several scientific papers in the most famous scientific magazines. Now, he is a Research Professor and tutor at University of Putra Malaysia and supervises a number of master and PhD students from different nationalities.

Proud of you.