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Partners of 鈥淭amayaz鈥 Starts the Selection Interviews in AAUP

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

During the interviews for Tamayaz program

With the presence of representatives from Sharek Youth Forum, The Palestinian Center for Youth Economic Empowerment and the Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP, the partners of the training program 鈥淭amayaz鈥 held the interviews in Arab American University for the interested students who want to join the program in its 6th edition.聽

鈥淭amayaz鈥 partners had announced the open for the registration and application submission period for AAUP students. More than 240 electronic applications were received from AAUP students on the program鈥檚 website, those applications went through an evaluation process and 120 students were chosen, and the interviews started to choose the best of the applicants.

Tamayaz program that started in the late 2012 is considered as the first national program that aims to empowering and developing the Palestinian youth and enhance their opportunities through an integrated program that was designed especially for the Palestinian universities鈥 students.

The program seeks to train selected students on two main basics; the first is their own capabilities and skills by enhancing their general cultural education, encouraging students to constructive critical thinking, broadening their awareness and knowledge, enhancing their communication skills and improving their linguistics and technological skills. The other basic is to develop the capabilities needed for the labor market by providing students with practical skills and connecting their theoretical academic knowledge with the needs of the market, including the managerial, organizational and planning skills, supporting education for work and leadership, practical training in jobs and enhancing the national concepts and the volunteering work.

鈥淭amayaz鈥 partners aim that this program becomes as a gate for graduates to the economic empowerment and a way for graduates to join the labor market strongly, as this program reduces the gap between the theoretical academic education and the practical requirements and needs of the labor market.

During the interviews for Tamayaz program