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AAUP and 鈥淢A'AN鈥 Development Center Conclude a Training Course for Trainers in Leading Businesses

Sunday, February 23, 2020

With the participation of nineteen employees of the university and the presence of Dr. Nizam Diab- VP and the Head of the training committee, Ms. Somaya Hammad- the Project Coordinator, and Mr. Bilal Al Ashqar- a Trainer, AAUP and MA鈥橝N Development Center conclude a training course for trainers in pioneer and leading businesses field, among the project of 鈥淣ajahoha鈥

Dr. Nizam Diab welcomed the participants in this training, and asserted on the importance of enhancing the concept of leading businesses and freelancing, and encouraged on trying to avoid the traditional careers in order to reduce unemployment. He explained that AAUP supports 鈥淣ajahoha鈥 project and its agricultural orientaton that provides services for a huge sector in Palestine and helps in the pioneer investment in the natural resources. Dr. Diab also appreciated the people and local and international institutions behind this activity, and clarified that AAUP will always welcome such activities and provide its services to serve the people and the country.

The 30 hours training course that was given in 5 training days discussed variety of different topics that aims to achieve the goals of leading businesses, the personality of pioneers, the competitive advantage and the gold circle, the brainstorming techniques, the catalysts and the four environmental analysis, project planning, the strategic frame, the commercial work model, networking, effective communication, marketing and the financial and administrative market search.

鈥淣ajahoha鈥 project is implemented under collaboration with Save the Children with partnership with Development Center- MAAN, and the Agricultural Development Association (PARC) under coordination of the Ministry of National Economy and funded by the Canadian Government to empower pioneer Palestinian women in the pioneer projects along with women cooperative societies that women play a great role in. This project aims largely the limited income women in the West Bank and Gaza that have and run agricultural projects, in order to improve their skills and creative capabilities especially by using modern technology and improve their competitive skills in the market.

A group of trainees during a training session
The trainees